Friday, July 31, 2009

bloggers their income focus is based on direct methods

For many bloggers their income focus is based on direct methods. Most bloggers have at least tried some advertising, particularly Adsense. There is a massive potential though for earning money indirectly from blogging.

Direct methods would include

* Advertising - Adsense, Banners, Chitika
* Affiliates - Visitor buys through your link, you get a commission
* Links - Paid for having their link on your blog
* Paid Reviews - You pay me to review your site/product through PPP or ReviewMe
* Sponsorships - Tends to work like a longer term advertising but can include the sponsor providing products and services rather than a purely financial arrangement.
* Gifts - Visitors like your stuff so much they reward you with tips, or perhaps you have a donation drive to attract a certain figure for a particular purpose

These methods will involve your blog as the central driver of the transaction. In indirect methods the driver is usually you and in most cases the blog is absent from the transaction. The critical factor in indirect methods is your reputation. A reputation built completely or in part using blogs.

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