Thursday, September 17, 2009

A simple Tip To Make Money Online With Your Digital Camera

Are you having digital camera? Then, you can simply make money online. One of my friend is earning money online by starting a food blog using his digital camera. I am going to disclose the facts of how to make money online using digital camera.

It is not really difficult to make money with your food blog, only thing you should have is PATIENT. If your blog grows, the money will be flowing like anything.

1. Book a domain for a food blog and host it privately in wordpress theme. (

2. Go to different restaurants along with your digital camera.

3. Took a nice picture of the meal you have ordered to eat.

4. Note the address of the restaurants where you have taken those pictures. Then you can share your views with your readers where can they eat it too.

5. Update your blog at least thrice daily with different dishes. Don’t forget to freeze the dishes you are eating in the restaurants.

6. Do proper SEO exercise to optimize your food blog to get descent pagerank and do concentrate on specific keyword for getting good rank among search engines.

7. Now this is the time to apply for Foodbuzz or Google Adsense to make money online.

8. Do update your blog to satisfy your readers in order to keep them reading your blog regularly.

9. Do install feedburner subscription form in your blog to make your visitors attract regularly.

As a real picture will definitely attract more visitors, you will get more traffic not only for reading but also to see the wonderful pictures. Apart from make money online with your digital camera to start a food blog, you can start a blog on photography to earn money online. Do research for a proper keyword to make money online through digital camera.

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